Thursday, July 25, 2013

KERA July 2013: My favorite pages!

Earlier this year with the help of J-List, I subscribed to KERA magazine. For those that don't know what that is, here's the description from their website:
KERA is a fresh and fun fashion magazine from the streets of Tokyo. Covering a variety of themes, from punk to Harajuku grunge to Goth-Loli , this magazine gives the reader an excellent idea of the fringe, hip fashions that are currently taking Japanese youth by storm. A thick, large magazine of color photos, it contains not only models, but photos of the apparel alone. It is a mixture of the Harajuku grunge and gothic crowds, a "power up FRUiTs" with superb photographs, famous models, and tons of fashionable pictures to look at. Features JPOP artists as well as make-up tips and accessory information.
I'd been wanting to get subscribed to a japanese magazine for a long time, but could never decide which one I wanted! J-List offers egg, Super Cawaii, Gothic & Lolita Bible and more! You even have the option of just buying an issue from whichever month instead of getting a monthly subscription.
At first I didn't know how the subscription was going to work, but J-List sends you an email every month requesting for the payment of the magazine and shipping. I thought it was nice that they didn't just automatically deduct the funds from your account, though I'm not sure what happens if you don't pay it.

Anyways, I think that's all I have to say about that so let's get into the pictures!

Courtsey of because I forgot to scan the cover and now I don't want to get up hehe.

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