Thursday, December 16, 2010

Illustration Friday: Phenomenon

Okay, long time no post, I know. I've decided to come back and use this blogspot for mainly for my art!
There's a website called Illustration Friday and every Friday there's a new theme! All you have to do is draw up whatever you think pertains to it, then upload it and voila! This drawing is also my half of an art-trade with one of my followers on tumblr.

I was honestly pretty blank when it came to "phenomenon". I wanted to draw Centaur but I totally massacred the body, then I wanted to do some sort of floating/telekinesis thing but it wasn't working out... so I decided to doodle some hands and ended up with this sort of "exorcism" piece. For the shading of the skin, I guess I wanted to try a sort of "traditional" thing and used the complimentary color for the darker tones... it was worth a shot.

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