Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revlon, Sally Hansen & mood swing polish swatches!

Today I'll be showing you some mood nail polish, some pinks, some party glitter and more!

Read on to see more pictures!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New nails!

New nails! by iwantyoursoda
New nails!, a photo by iwantyoursoda on Flickr.

New nails!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slutwalk San Antonio

For those unaware of what a "Slutwalk" is, it's to raise awareness of rape culture. How society teaches "don't be raped" instead of "don't rape". Women who have been raped are often victimized and blamed for what they were wearing, the fact that they went out alone, they lead the man on so they were asking for it, etc.
Since late last year, these walks have been happening everywhere! Be sure to google around to see if one is happening by near you!

Mariyah and I had originally planned to get an early start on the day. I had some last minute shopping to do and we had planned to have our signs say something on both sides... but in a twist, I ended up waking early and she woke up 2 hours later than planned. We headed to the mall and I bought some shorts and other things and then we headed downtown.
I can't remember the last time that I'd been downtown on a Saturday. Tourists galore! While we were eating, a lady stopped by our table and I couldn't tell if she was trying to be "smart" with us or if she was genuinely curious. She began with "What does your sign say, 'Look at me'?" and I don't really think took in what we were explaining to her. She ended with "Oh, you're half-naked to prove a point." but I think it's worth noting that I was just wearing a shirt and some shorts, not unlike the other girls that were walking around.

Read on to see some pictures I took from the walk!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Platform shoes & Nicki Minaj

I was greeted by a package when I got home from work today!

Read on to see what was unboxed, and some nail colors I added to my collection!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I wore today 3/13/12

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Earrings: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless

I've been wanting white shoes for such a long time... I was about to buy some off of Ebay but while in Payless, I fell in love with these and my boyfriend ended up buying them for me!

Speaking of my boyfriend, a couple of weeks ago we hit 8 months... totally slipped our minds!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random mini-haul & new swatches!

Check out my random lil' purchases! The other day I didn't really have anything to do so I went out and bought some things I may or may not have needed, heh.
I've only had Faber Castell pens once a long, long time ago. For some reason I never bought any again but I'm very glad I finally did! I like these a lot more than my Pentel ones, they draw on my cardstock incredibly smooth, hopefully these will last!

For a good amount of time, I've been all about Wet n Wild's gel eyeliner because my friend suggested it (with the aid of a vlogger) as a cheap dupe to Mac's liner. It was alright for the price (around $3) but it dried out super quickly! A while back I bought L'Oreal's gel liner in a midnight blue because it was on sale but the formula is super smooth and doesn't dry out at all... It's about $11 but it comes with sooo much product so it'll definitely be lasting me a while!

I bought a bronzer blush just because I need one, and a new eyelash curler for the same reason.

The bunny slippers were only $3 at Target! They were in the little kids, so if you have small feet like I do, you should totally nab these!

I bought 3 new polishes (swatches under the cut) and swatched the polishes from my last post!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Icicle mani & American Apparel nail polish

I had an easy day today... I feel like I'm finally understanding everything in my math class and I went shopping with Matt. He's constantly looking for the perfect khaki slacks but he's way too picky! It was the perfect chance for me to grab two polishes that I've been wanting, along with two extra bottles that caught my eye!

Read on for my latest mani and more about the AA polishes!

Monday, March 5, 2012

WIWT 3/5 & another nail haul (swatches)

I'm a horrible person and I absolutely cannot resist shopping! I honestly think I have a problem. I went on another nail polish spree, but this time my boyfriend treated me and paid for it himself! :) Possibly the first of many beauty splurges he'll help me satisfy haha.

Today was an easy day. I didn't have work so I slept in until around 11am then I woke up, finally washed/cleaned out my car, and then headed to school!

Read on for my complete WIWT and swatches of my latest nail haul!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mini-haul & my SXE tattoo!

Stuff didn't quite work out with my best friend and our tattoo. We were supposed to get a sort of "matching" one, but with different lil' details... we were pretty indecisive with them and ended up not doing it! Saving it for another time~

Cha-ching~ I got my income tax a couple of days ago! Of course I treated myself to a lil' somethin' somethin', but my new pride and glory is definitely my new tattoo!