Monday, March 5, 2012

WIWT 3/5 & another nail haul (swatches)

I'm a horrible person and I absolutely cannot resist shopping! I honestly think I have a problem. I went on another nail polish spree, but this time my boyfriend treated me and paid for it himself! :) Possibly the first of many beauty splurges he'll help me satisfy haha.

Today was an easy day. I didn't have work so I slept in until around 11am then I woke up, finally washed/cleaned out my car, and then headed to school!

Read on for my complete WIWT and swatches of my latest nail haul!

Thank goodness I have Matt to take my WIWT pictures for me because I'm way too lazy to pull out the tripod haha.

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Love Culture
Shoes: Lolita Baby Angel

Earrings: Forever 21

Onto the good stuff... nail polish!!

Rimmel London's "Bare Naked" (2 coats). I've decided that it's time to hunt for a nude nail polish... I almost bought Zoya's "Avery" but at the last minute decided that was too grey for me and went with this one. It has an extremely fine white shimmer to it, hardly noticeable. It's not exactly what I was looking for :(

Essie's "Go Overboard" (2 coats). I was really in love with Essie's whole "Go Overboard" collection, I don't know why I didn't grab it when it came out! This is my first Essie nail polish by the way! The color is described on the website as "a limitless sea blue" and it really does remind me of that! Though, I was hoping that the color would be a little bit more green... this definitely gives me a murky ocean sort of feel.

Revlon's "Posh" (1 coat). I was in love with this color from the start! I only put one coat of this because at first glance it was really opaque! I feel like you wouldn't really notice the difference between the 1 or 2 coats unless you were really staring at them.

Revlon's "Tangerine" (2 coats). I realize now that I'm subconsciously looking for tropical colors? The name rings quite true to the color, it also has a very fine gold shimmer to it! Personally, I try to stay away from shimmers but I really enjoy this tangy color!

Revlon's "Plum Seduction" (2 coats). This nail polish was sort of translucent which is something that I haven't experienced with any of my other Revlon nail polishes. Most of Revlon's purposely translucent nail polishes are labeled so. The pictures really don't do this color justice, in the photos they look borderline hot pink, but it's a very very red sort of violet!

Sally Hansen's "Grass Slipper" (2 coats). This is definitely a "Granny Smith apple" green! Revlon had a shade almost similar (I believe it was "Sassy") but I like Sally Hansen's brush more so I went with this one! I haven't found any normal size bottles of Nicki Minaj's "Did It On 'Em" so I'm just looking around for dupes... not sure if this one is anywhere near it, I think "Sassy" would be closer than this one. Still a very nice spring green though!

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