Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Platform shoes & Nicki Minaj

I was greeted by a package when I got home from work today!

Read on to see what was unboxed, and some nail colors I added to my collection!

I have the worst habit of staying up until the wee hours of morning browsing through every listing possible on ebay... that's usually when I buy the most stuff. I saw these shoes and I figured the price wasn't too bad so I went ahead and bought them! Not to mention that the location was in Houston so it got to my house pretty quickly! I'm so used to buying wholesale stuff from China and whatnot, those things usually take about a month!
My shoe size is usually a 5, sometimes 5.5 and on RARE occasions a 6. They only had these in 5.5 and I've really been wanting some nude shoes so I figured why not. They do fit a little bit big, but it's not like I wasn't expecting it! 
I decided to change into a lazy outfit to wear my new shoes with.
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Cotton On
Shoes: Ebay

The other day I bought some new nail polishes

The Ulta that I went to actually had full-size bottles of Nicki Minaj's OPI polishes so I was super excited!

"Did It On 'Em" is described as a yellow-toned lime green. I love love love it! For some reason, I find OPI's brush to be very streaky, but it never catches in photos! I wore this color for St. Patrick's Day and got a lot of compliments on it!

I grabbed this color because they were all in the Nicki Minaj display, being displayed as the collection's "Pink Friday" polish... I just realized today that the label is actually "Pink-ing Of You". I haven't seen "Pink Friday" swatched in real life so I'm not sure how much of a dupe this is, or why they would even advertise it as "Pink Friday"... oh well! I did need a soft pink anyways.
This color is described as a "sheer pale pink".
While I was hoping to add a bubblegum pink to my collection, this one isn't bad either! It fits for the spring season!

Here is "A Million Sparkles" from Nicole by OPI over Wet n Wild's "Private Viewing".
I've sort of kept my distance from bar glitters because I feel like they look sort of odd but this polish was too pretty to put down!
It has blue and gold glitter, along with fine blue bar glitter and pink bar glitter that is a tad bit thicker.
Maybe it's just the way I apply my nail polish  but the fine blue glitter seemed to "gather up" at some parts... again, it's probably my technique because I've seen it swatched much nicer than this!

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