Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revlon, Sally Hansen & mood swing polish swatches!

Today I'll be showing you some mood nail polish, some pinks, some party glitter and more!

Read on to see more pictures!

First up is...

Revlon "Dreamer"
I think the name fits the color very well! It's a true periwinkle nail color! I suppose to some it looks like a blue-grey, but I find it border purple/blue!

Revlon "White on White"
I've been sort of on the fence about white nail polish, it always kind of looked like the nails were simply painted with white-out! I decided to get one anyways because I've never had a white nail polish, and they'd be pretty handy if you just want to wear a glittery nail polish on your whole nail!
It's not eggshell, ivory, or anything in-between, it's stark white!

Revlon "Whimsical"
A well-known dupe for Deborah Lippmann's "Glitter In The Air" but so hard to find! Lately, it's been popping up so I decided to buy one!
This is one coat over the previous Revlon nail color.
This is a very sheer mint green color, with light blue and purple hex glitters, with very fine glitters of the same color!

Sally Hansen "Ballet Rouges"
Nothing too special about this color, I only bough it because it was on sale... but you can never have enough pink!

Sally Hansen "Courtesan"
Another color I bought just because it was on sale.
It's very odd, this polish is actually purple but for some reason, I just can't get it to photograph!

Icing "After Party"
I love love love this glitter! The name fits this one very well~!
There are so many colors I don't even want to try to name them all! The glitters literally look shredded... this glitter just speaks for itself!

Icing "Happy/Hopeful" mood polish
The '90s kid in me has been wanting this sort of polish for a long time! I wasn't really sure what to expect from it; I've tried F21's mood polish because its the only other place I've seen it and wasn't really impressed.
The polish from the bottle is a light shade of purple and as it dries, the nail bed turns to a light pink. It gradients very well actually!
It's a perfect thing to have if the colors are to your liking and you want to have the gradient effect without the work! 

I bought Zoya's 2-in-1 nail polish remover and honestly... I never want to use anything else! It takes the polish off so easily and doesn't have a harsh smell.
The remover can be used as step 1 of Zoya's color lock system which includes a base coat, UV coat, and top coat. My friend graciously bought me a mini-colorlock package and I've used everything except for the UV coat! I adore the high speed top coat, I think it works even faster than Seche Vite, although the finish is not as glossy.

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