Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random mini-haul & new swatches!

Check out my random lil' purchases! The other day I didn't really have anything to do so I went out and bought some things I may or may not have needed, heh.
I've only had Faber Castell pens once a long, long time ago. For some reason I never bought any again but I'm very glad I finally did! I like these a lot more than my Pentel ones, they draw on my cardstock incredibly smooth, hopefully these will last!

For a good amount of time, I've been all about Wet n Wild's gel eyeliner because my friend suggested it (with the aid of a vlogger) as a cheap dupe to Mac's liner. It was alright for the price (around $3) but it dried out super quickly! A while back I bought L'Oreal's gel liner in a midnight blue because it was on sale but the formula is super smooth and doesn't dry out at all... It's about $11 but it comes with sooo much product so it'll definitely be lasting me a while!

I bought a bronzer blush just because I need one, and a new eyelash curler for the same reason.

The bunny slippers were only $3 at Target! They were in the little kids, so if you have small feet like I do, you should totally nab these!

I bought 3 new polishes (swatches under the cut) and swatched the polishes from my last post!

Revlon "Minted"

Revlon "Radiant" over Revlon "Really Rosy"
I had really high hopes for this polish seeing as how I've had my eye on it for so long! Once I swatched it I was very disappointed :( I thought that the glitter would be very thick, but it came out sparse. I really enjoyed the green/silver hex glitter but the brush hardly caught any!

China Glaze "Techno" over Revlon "Really Rosy"
I've been wanting this glitter for the longest time, it definitely didn't disappoint!

American Apparel "Sunshine State"

American Apparel "Rose Bowl"

American Apparel "Hassid"

American Apparel "Galaxy" over American Apparel "Hassid"

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