Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Icicle mani & American Apparel nail polish

I had an easy day today... I feel like I'm finally understanding everything in my math class and I went shopping with Matt. He's constantly looking for the perfect khaki slacks but he's way too picky! It was the perfect chance for me to grab two polishes that I've been wanting, along with two extra bottles that caught my eye!

Read on for my latest mani and more about the AA polishes!

If you read this blog post, you would know that I fell in love with this color! My friend bought it so I used it and the rest is history! It's called "Sunshine State" and I really can't wait to wear this color in the summer! I don't know if it was just me, but it did stain my nails a bit, even with a base coat! Again, maybe it was just my base coat.

Another color that I adore thanks to my friend Lizzie! This is quite possibly the best black nail polish that I've ever seen! It's called "Hassid" and has the most gorgeous pure black glossy finish!

My eyes were drawn to this glitter by the name of "Galaxy". I love how chunky the glitter is, it reminds me of party favors or streamers or other party decorations haha. I had a little trouble deciding between this or "Supernova", but one of the workers mentioned that this looked really nice over the black polish and I didn't care much for all the fine glitter in the latter polish.

This color is called "Rose Bowl" and is unfortunately a discontinued color! I couldn't find anything online about it, but they had a few colors on a separate rack and they were half off ($3, originally $6). I can't remember the other colors, but they had a nude that reminded me a bit of Rimmel London's "Bare Naked" from my last post, but without shimmer! Anyways, I'm a sucker for rose colored nail polish so I had to have this one for my collection!

I would have loved to swatch these but we all know how much of a pain it is to take off a glitter mani. Speaking of... here it is!

I used two thick coats of Sally Hansen's Smooth and Perfect "Air" with two thick coats of China Glaze's "Lorelei's Tiara" and Hard Candy's "Matte-ly In Love" on top! I had to used thick coats of Sally Hansen because the color was very translucent and I wanted a solid color. I also used two thick coats of glitter because one was sort of "sparse" and although it was cute, it wasn't the look I was going for!
At first I really hated this mani and didn't even want to do it on my other hand, but now I kind of love it!

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