Monday, April 2, 2012

MILKBBI tights & WIWT!

My dog's nose welcomes you!!

Read on behind the jump to see official MILKBBI tights and lovely new dress!

Earrings & dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless

I was greeted by a LOVELY package when I got home from Justin Wallis/Milkbbi!!! For spring, he just released a load of new items in his store! Tights, shirt, buttons, pins, pouches... its all so cool! If I had more money I would have gotten it all, but the tights were (imo) the coolest!!!

I LOVE the stretchy material of the tights! The print is incredibly opaque and I have a strawberry face right on my butt! The print is super adorable and perfect for spring, even though in Texas we kind of skip that and go straight to the summer! :< I haven't worn these with any outfits yet, I'm still trying to decide which pieces will go together nicely~~ But when I finally do put my outfit together, you know that I'll post about it!!

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