Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter weekend!

A lot of people in San Antonio are constantly going to "the river" or "the lake" but never really specify the name or whereabouts of the spot. I don't know if they assume everyone knows where they're talking about or if they just don't bother with details.
One spot that a couple of my friends have been to is Paradise Canyon.

I've never really gone to any sort of river/lake thing, mainly because I don't know where to go.

Joe drove me, Lizzie, Ian (her son), and Matt out to meet up with his family for swimming and food. I was so excited I woke up before my alarm went off!
The drive wasn't too far out and didn't take that long but the road was very bumpy!

The most concerning things about natural waters are... natural things. Fish or other underwater creatures in the water, I don't want to be swimming with them and I'm pretty sure they don't appreciate swimming with me! There wasn't any to be found in the water though! It was very rocky, had a somewhat strong current and was ICE COLD! The obvious solution to the water problem is to just submerge yourself in it and get used to it but I'm a baby haha.

Read on for more pictures!!
(Very picture heavy)

I'm not gonna bore you with details because there's not really much to say... it was a very relaxing day!

A funny story: Lizzie, Ian, Matt and myself were in the water for a good while with Joe's mom and when Joe was finally ready to get in, she pointed out that he had his keys. Everyone kept stressing him to put them on the table with the rest of our stuff or to give them to someone and he said "No, it's okay it'll stay in my pocket". Not even 30 seconds after saying that, he slipped while getting into the water and lost his keys in the place where the current was the strongest!!!
All of a sudden the water didn't seem so cold and we all started to dig through the rocks and feel around for his set of keys that had a large Electabuzz keychain. Strangers helped and even gave us some goggles to look underwater! Thankfully, one of Joe's relatives found them!
I don't know what would have happened if we didn't find them!

Anyways, here's the pictures. Lizzie's kid is too adorable and photogenic so there's going to be a lot of pictures of him haha.

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