Sunday, December 25, 2011

Catching up for Xmas

Sorry for the sudden absence from here, family stuff and work have killed my energy! Needless to say, it hasn't really felt like Christmas at all to me. My grandma left to live in the Philippines and the house hasn't been the same since.
I grew up with her around and the house was always full of sound and the smell of food cooking but now its quiet and cold. I resented her a lot because I'm the kind of person that gets really stressed out when there's a lot of different, loud sounds all about and now I miss it.

I went to see her off at the airport and it was quite possibly the saddest I've ever felt. For those unaware, she had broken her hip early November and while at the hospital, they found stage 4 cancer in her lungs and they gave her ~9 months to live. Everyone was crying except for me, I just got incredibly teary-eyed. We left the airport at 5am, I had work that afternoon. I woke up feeling like crap and once I got to work, I couldn't keep my composure and ended up crying like a big baby and went home after two hours.
She was the one who always put out the poinsettias, put up the christmas tree, etc. Neither me or my dad felt like putting the tree up, so the few presents we had were just on an end table. Money has gotten exceptionally tight what with my grandma's hospital bills coming in now.

Work has been eating up all my time and its incredibly unfortunate. I'm really excited that I was finally able to sign up for classes, albeit I was only able to get into two. I'll have 3 days off out of the week so it'll be nice to have down time and maybe be able to focus on more projects.

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