Sunday, April 14, 2013

Los Angeles Day 1

As some of you may or may not know, I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA with my boyfriend, Matt and friend, Mariyah! The purpose of our trip was to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu perform!
Once I had seen word of her going on a world tour, I knew that she HAD to have at least one US date. I knew that she had performed in LA before so it was my guess that she was going to be there again, and after they posted the dates, I was right! So after that was announced, we started to save up money and planned for the trip!

Our flight was set to leave at ~7am and we almost missed it! Our boarding passes told us that we were leaving from B7, but it ended up being B8! I'm not sure why that happened? If they hadn't called our names for the flight, we definitely would have missed it!
It was Matt's first flight!
Our flight took a little longer to take off because we had to go back for them to rearrange the luggage. Unfortunately, this took about 20 minutes that we didn't really have! Our flight was very short, probably only 40 minutes, but now we were late for our flight to LA! We ran to the other gate to catch our flight but they had already boarded... thankfully, they let us get on because we only had carry-on baggage.
The flight seemed like it took such a long time, I was starving and exhausted because I couldn't sleep the night before; at the same time, I was ecstatic because I've never been to LA and I wanted to see everything!

Once we landed, we picked up our bags and waited in line to get the car we rented. I looked up how far we were from the hotel and it said 1 hour! This was when we realized we hadn't even looked up how far our airport was from the hotel. It was a slight bummer, but there was nothing we could do but drive!
I was expecting really bad traffic but it was never stand-still, bumper-to-bumper like it gets here in SA. I feel like the drivers in general were... better? Cautious? I don't know, I can't really think of the word for it right now, but hopefully you get what I mean!

We were staying at Hollywood Historic Hotel. The price was reasonable and it was relatively close to everything that we wanted to do! I have no complaints on the hotel, besides that I wish we had a microwave to heat up our leftovers from the day, haha! We could see the Hollywood sign from our window, and even though some people might not like the sounds of the cars and whatnot going on outside, Matt and I are both relatively heavy sleepers so it didn't really bother us!

More pictures from when we walked around Hollywood Blvd under the cut!

After getting all of our things situated, we proceeded to walk around. I had looked up restaurants that we should try and decided on Shakey's. It was definitely a long walk, we didn't really know what we were getting into lol, but it was a great way to see everything! We walked by Paramount and a bunch of other studios, light rentals, etc., it was really interesting to see!

The potatoes and breading on the chicken were delicious! We each got individual pizzas but couldn't bring ourselves to it!
The food left us feeling sluggish, which was my bad, I didn't even think about it haha. We walked to Santa Monica, Sunset, and Hollywood! We passed by so many condos, apartments and the like... I wonder what it's like to live down there! Everything was so green compared to where we're from!

Obviously, we had to check out the tourist stuff!

While we were gawking at the movie premiere that was going on, some dude came up to us asking if we wanted to watch Jimmy Kimmel live. He told us to go around the corner into the alley and to just wait because they needed about 20 people, but we saw the long line and didn't feel like waiting haha. Later, Mariyah got the choice of seeing either Bill Maher or Craig Ferguson... she picked Bill Maher but we didn't end up going anyways.

Duh I had to get this picture!

There was this record shop near the end of all the tourist stuff, there was so much in there!!

Robin Williams :)
We walked around pretty much until the sun started to set!

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