Saturday, June 22, 2013

LA Day 3: Kyary

Better late than never!

Our last day in LA was the whole reason for our trip, we saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live! It was definitely an experience that I'll always remember~

We started the day by going back to Hollywood Blvd to buy souvenirs for our family members and friends. We ended up taking a little bit longer than expected there, because then we walked around in front of the theater to see all the people in costumes and whatnot.

I wanted to go back to Little Tokyo to take more purikura (hehe), so while we were there we also ate! I can't remember the name of the place that we ate at, but they had this!
I didn't get it of course hehe.

Read on for the pictures of purikura and my "haul" from this trip!

Even though we didn't get the bikkuri don, the food was SO delicious! I was so full but I didn't want to stop eating so I was slowly sipping the broth from the soup haha.

I did purikura with Matt before we left~
I wanted to take more but we were already running behind schedule.

We got to Club Nokia and had a bit of trouble trying to find where the line began... and that's because they had just started expanding the line to where we were! So although we weren't waiting upstairs by the bag check and box office, we were at the beginning of the second line ha. Behind us was a very cute girl that took our picture and runs the Eclectic Cutie page!
Don't mind my hovering strap :( I tried to shorten the straps at the last minute and it obviously didn't work out
ALSO my terribly dry cuticles. I didn't come prepared haha.
We were waiting in line for about 2 hours before they started to let people in! I guess it worked out because I was able to take a picture of a few outfits!
This is the girl that was behind us! Miss "Eclectic Cutie"

I heard people saying that this was her mom, I thought it was so cute that she was dressed up!

The view from the top
We had our bags checked and there were no cameras allowed. It makes me wish I had a phone that took really good quality videos and pictures!

We were able to get into "the pit" and I'm not sure why? I don't know if it was because of the color of our wristbands or what, but they were turning some people away and letting others in. We were standing there for... an hour? Hour and a half? It felt like forever because they were just playing the little tune to "Oyasumi" over and over again and I think it was making everyone really restless.

I took so many vines of the show and I cried a little bit when she came out onto the stage because WOW I traveled for this and I can't believe this is happening. I could post a bunch of videos that you may or may not care to watch, so instead of taking the risk, I'll just post this one video. I believe this was her first live performance of Invader Invader?

It was kind of hectic after the show because there were two different exits and only one of those led to the merch table, but there was no sign of which! So after being squished and eavesdropping on a bunch of conversations, Matt and I found the merch table. As to be expected, there was a line!

Earlier on, I had seen the merch that was being sold on her "official website" and had my fingers crossed that maybe they would have some of those items, but the only interesting thing they had was the towels! They had the Invader Invader shirt, the tour shirt in black and white, and then I think it was the towels with the elephant on them in two colors? I was going to buy a towel but right before it was our turn to buy, they sold out! So I ended up getting a tour shirt and an Invader Invader shirt because it was very metal. I should have gotten a size smaller but oh well!

We were all kind of exhausted after the concert so we headed back to the hotel... and that concludes our trip!

I really didn't want to leave :(

Now I guess I'll share all the things that I bought while I was there!

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