Thursday, July 25, 2013

KERA July 2013: My favorite pages!

Earlier this year with the help of J-List, I subscribed to KERA magazine. For those that don't know what that is, here's the description from their website:
KERA is a fresh and fun fashion magazine from the streets of Tokyo. Covering a variety of themes, from punk to Harajuku grunge to Goth-Loli , this magazine gives the reader an excellent idea of the fringe, hip fashions that are currently taking Japanese youth by storm. A thick, large magazine of color photos, it contains not only models, but photos of the apparel alone. It is a mixture of the Harajuku grunge and gothic crowds, a "power up FRUiTs" with superb photographs, famous models, and tons of fashionable pictures to look at. Features JPOP artists as well as make-up tips and accessory information.
I'd been wanting to get subscribed to a japanese magazine for a long time, but could never decide which one I wanted! J-List offers egg, Super Cawaii, Gothic & Lolita Bible and more! You even have the option of just buying an issue from whichever month instead of getting a monthly subscription.
At first I didn't know how the subscription was going to work, but J-List sends you an email every month requesting for the payment of the magazine and shipping. I thought it was nice that they didn't just automatically deduct the funds from your account, though I'm not sure what happens if you don't pay it.

Anyways, I think that's all I have to say about that so let's get into the pictures!

Courtsey of because I forgot to scan the cover and now I don't want to get up hehe.

Click behind the jump for polka dots, pies, and street snaps!

Click the images for full size!

I'm a sucker for anything polka dot or sailor themed so opening the magazine and being greeted by this Angelic Pretty ad was a treat!

Check out that Spurs hat!
A popular trend in Harajuku's streets is fitted hats! They no longer just have a design on the front, they're putting things on the brim of the hat, and as you can see, some even have wings, horns, animal ears, etc. A newer take on these that's proving to be popular is the... metal letters (?) on the hats on the top left. I'm really tempted to buy a hat like this but I don't know if I'd ever wear it!

Angelic Pretty catches my eye again with more polka dots and gingham!

Innocent World celebrated their 15th anniversary by collaborating with Cafe Ann Doll for this delicious dress! The JSK is a bit odd to me, I love the big pie bodice and then I don't. I can't imagine how hungry I'd be if I wore this!
The cafe also baked a special anniversary pie that customers could buy! I wish I could have tasted it~

I've just been sharing sweet things, so here's some "dark" stuff! I'm very into the Eat Me skirt and the Very Metal dress!

I really enjoyed the two girls twinning with Angelic Pretty's Day Dream Carnival! I adore how the girl on the left paired it with the grey wig~

I'm not sure who/what Luna Moe is, but I'm currently obsessed with Oreimo so I had to share! This is a cosplay of the character Kuroneko

The girl in the gingham and plaid caught my eye! I thoroughly enjoy the top half of her, while the panda is kind of throwing me off haha.

At first I wasn't going to share this page because I didn't see anything interesting, but then I noticed the girl on the left! I thought the leaf print was on her pants, but it looks more like she actually has leaves wrapped around her! Such an interesting thing to add to an outfit, although having white pants with that print would be cool too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! None of the tutorials were too interesting so I didn't post any, maybe with next month's issue I'll post one and even try it myself! Until next time~

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