Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 15 AKA Day of Bey

Last month I was blessed enough to go to a Beyonce concert! Trying to get tickets for that event was probably one of the most stressful moments of my life; I almost didn't even get one! I was waiting at my computer for them to go on sale and after constantly refreshing the page it let me through. I was able to grab two tickets but forgot to add a parking pass, so when I went back to add it again they were all gone! I had to keep refreshing and entering captchas and at this point I was in tears trying to find tickets for both of her Texas shows haha. I ended up successfully grabbing one and in turn, went to see her by myself.

Matt and I went to Houston for the weekend and did touristy things as I'd never been there before!

We went to the Galleria as soon as we got there, it was so cool! There was an ice skating rink inside and so many stores! I wanted to go into the Kate Spade store but I always feel really awkward going into nice stores like that and not buying anything hehe.
After walking around there, we went to Chinatown. Its like you're in a completely different part of the world (not that I've ever been to China or anything) but all the writings on the signs and buildings were all in chinese, all the food and pictures in the windows, not to mention the people! I'm pretty sure I was the only brown girl there haha. We went into Fit (a japanese convenience store) and I wanted to buy everything!

I accidentally applied a skin whitening filter lol
Read on to see pictures of what I bought, and of course, more purikura!

When we stepped in we were greeted by a kind japanese lady and she asked if we'd ever been there before; we told her no and then she explained how the items are priced. Basically, if it didn't have a price tag on it, it was $2! They had so much to look at, I wanted to buy all the "tools" to make cute bento! They had a little anime section with figures and they had a Kuroneko (Oreimo) figure that I should have bought because I didn't have any luck finding her at San Japan this year! I really enjoy buying little knick-knack things but here's what I bought from there!

A pencil pouch

Biscuit notepad

Pencil case!

The next day, we went to the space center~
I can't remember if I had ever gone as a child... but if I was a child right now then I would have had a blast! They have this whole Angry Birds Space thing going on, its kind of one huge playground. They had a food court and all the places had cute names; I only wish that I was hungry so that I could have ate! Blast-Off Bistro, South of the Martian Border, and Moon Wok are a couple of the cute theme names.
We didn't really spend too much time here, but we did spend some time outside because Matt had locked his keys in his car. Luckily the security there were able to jimmy the door open for us!

We didn't know what to do next, but Matt talked about going to a boardwalk when he was younger so I looked it up and it was only about 15 mins away! It was called Kemah Boardwalk and its exactly what it sounds like. They had games, restaurants, roller coasters... if only it wasn't so HOT and we weren't cheap we would have spent more time there.

While we were walking back to the car, we passed by a boutique's sign that caught my eye. 
Image is from a Yelp review
At first I wasn't going to go in because sometimes vintage rockabilly shops are just a bunch of thrift goods being resold for insane prices... but I really liked the design of their sign so we went in!
I wanted to buy everything!! The shop staff was incredibly nice and dressed very well~ They stocked Rock Steady, Sailor Jerry, Lucky 13, TUK... it was refreshing to see a shop that actually does the whole ~vintage rockabilly~ thing instead of what I mentioned earlier. Matt was talking to one of the staff while I was trying a skirt on and she said that they were the only shop like that in Houston! I ended up buying a black circle skirt from them and I have high hopes that I'll be returning with my friends soon!

Our last day in Houston was spent killing time. We went to H&M and I bought a couple things there, we walking around yadda yadda... went to another mall and they had the same purikura machine that Fit had! So of course I insisted that we take more.
No skin whitening this time!
Why are malls in Houston so much cooler than the ones in San Antonio??

I don't really have much to say about the Beyonce show that wasn't said by millions of other people already but I did cry when she came out haha. I only wish that I didn't go by myself! 

I did spend a lot of money though? I bought a program book, two huge posters, and this dumb light that I regret buying lol. I wanted to buy a shirt but 1) They were super expensive ($40 - $80) and 2) You can buy them online.

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