Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KERA August 2013: My favorite pages!

I remembered to scan the cover this time hehe!

Go behind the cut to see Kyary's photoshoot, printed yukatas, and stained glass dresses!

Click for full view!

August is THE summer fun month in Japan! There are fireworks and festivals abound, so this is a spread of various printed yukatas. I can only dream that one day I get to go to Japan during the summer and get to wear one of these!

I really love the color palette of this outfit, its so soft!

THIS is my favorite yukata/outfit of the whole spread! I love how the obi goes along with the "theme" of the pattern, the shoes, the hat, even her hair... I dig the whole thing!

If it wasn't obvious, Innocent World is probably one of my most favorite lolita brands. I'm a sucker for stained glass print so this is definitely a dream dress for me (right behind Haenuli's)! Before I began my wardrobe, I knew that I was into both gothic and classic lolita, this is like the best of both worlds!
An anime called "Rozen Maiden" came out in 2004 and my weeby middle-school self fell in love with it. It follows the story of "living dolls" that have to fight each other to become the perfect girl named "Alice". One of the characters also gave birth to the "desu" meme that you might've seen around that time.
The first season ran from October 2004 to December 2004, and the second season ran from October 2005 to January 2006. In December of 2006, there was a two episode special that just expanded on the background of the characters. Besides a 7 minute episode of the TV show that the girls watch in the show, it seemed like the series wouldn't be touched again.
Earlier this year, July actually, a third season premiered! Although it isn't connected to the previous seasons, I'll take it! The art style and animation is a lot different from the last two, as its another director at a different studio but I'm getting carried away here. The point of this scan is just to share that they were teaming up with Gothic Lolita Bible and they asked fans to design a doll and the winner will have their doll drawn by the creators of Rozen Maiden, Alice and the Pirates will create clothing based on the winning design, and Pullip will also make a doll inspired by the design! The winner actually should have been announced last week!
I don't know y'all, its just really cool that all this is happening and it has to do with an anime series that I like haha.

Unfortunately, that's all I have to share with you guys because this issue wasn't very interesting to me. I hope you look forward to September's post!

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