Tuesday, September 3, 2013

San Japan Sinister 6

The sixth year of San Japan was August 16, 17, 18 and it was my third year going! I think its about time I start going to other state cons! One reason is because this year was kind of lame, and the second reason is waiting until the next year takes too long haha.

I don't really have much to say of the con, unfortunately. There weren't really that many amazing cosplays and I only went to one panel and didn't care for it.
I'm hoping that next year will be better!

Here's what I wore on August 16.

My dress is Elpress L's "Garden's Capulet" and all the accessories are from Taobao as well. I had originally planned to wear some wristcuffs but I guess I didn't read the listing right and was sent flowers that you can pin onto wristcuffs.

On August 17, I cosplayed as Misaki Mei from Another. I don't really have any "good" pictures of it although I did get my picture taken throughout the day, I haven't been able to find any anywhere!

Under the cut I'll have pictures we took of cosplayers, pictures from the lolita fashion show, and a few more pictures of myself and my friends!

I loved this couple's outfits! That JetJ dress aaahh

Pachinko machines!

These are all pictures from the lolita fashion show on Friday. Sorry I was a bit far and this was as much as my camera could zoom in! A lot of the coords were really cute, but the execution of the show was painfully slow. I would've liked it if the girls were introduced or if they shared a little bit about their outfit like what style it was or what brand they were wearing.

Here's a short video that I got at the end of the show:

There was a huge amount of alpacas in the dealer's hall this year. I don't really get the craze? They're soft and fuzzy but I don't find them all that cute.

The Cat Returns!!

This dude was SUPER popular! Every time we walked by him everyone was taking pictures and recording him. His prop actually spun around his head and played Song of Storms! 

Waiting in line for the cosplay show

And then these are just pictures of us hanging around before going home
Super embarrassing but by the end of the night, one of my vest's buttons had popped off! They seemed a bit loose when I put it on in the morning but I didn't actually think I would have lost it! 

I usually don't go on Sundays because nothing is really happening; I had the chance to go before work but decided to sleep in instead. My boyfriend went and just snapped these pictures

So until next year~ San Japan Samurai 7!

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