Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snow White

Last week, my friends and I went to Buffalo Exchange... I spent way more money than I had planned.
The blue dress is American Apparel, and it was about $22.
The heart purse was $9.
The yellow/white oxford heels were... about $20.

I went to work wearing this outfit, so I brought a pair of flats to change into. I usually don't like wearing flats when I go out... I love heels because they make me taller and they make my legs look longer (I'm only 4'10").

The belt is from Forever21, I got it because it came with a skirt. I'll admit I wear this belt way more often than I do the skirt that it came with.
The earrings are from Charlotte Russe, the store was having a deal on earrings "Two for $8", and I'm a sucker for anything "geometrical" if that makes any sense. I love stripes/lines in clothing and accessories, vertical stripes are one of my favorites.

My boyfriend bought me this "Milestone Mickey" from Goodwill because he's a sweetheart. The legs are a little bit torn up, but other than that it's in pretty good condition!

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