Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My first Instagram giveaway!

My first Instagram giveaway! 

I haven't decided on an end date yet but the rules are simple:
- You must be following me on Instagram (iwantyoursoda)
- You can enter as many times as you want using the hashtag #SodaGirlGiveaway ONLY on Instagram
- The giveaway is open to both the US and International!

~What's in this giveaway?~
March 2014 issue of KERA, official Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sticker, official Harajuku Kawaii sticker, cute holographic stickers (animals and food), 3-D food stickers, cute bear notepad, cute pens, eyelashes, mascara, nail deco, face masks (green tea, honey, strawberry), multicolor socks, character erasers, eyeball bows, bread bear phone charm, and my Sailor Moon cyclops stickers!!

Click on to see more pictures/details of what's included in this giveaway!

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