Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

I'm doing The Sketchbook Project!

I’m doing The Sketchbook Project, thanks to seeing a facebook update on Kenzie’s page.

For $25, you buy a moleskine sketchbook from this website and they mail it to you. You pick a theme (or let them choose at random), and then fill out the sketchbook, decorate it, whatever. You mail it back to them before the designated date, they take all of the sketchbooks they received and go on a kind of “tour” with them, showcasing them in different cities. For $20, you can get your moleskine's pages shown online!

The moleskines have a sort of “barcode” on them (like a library book), so every time somebody looks at your sketchbook, it’s scanned and you’re able to keep track of how often your work is viewed!

It’s pretty interesting, and I recommend it to anyone! It's an interesting way to keep yourself motivated to draw.

The theme I chose was “I’m sorry I forgot you”, I already have a cover idea for it :)

My dad was kind enough to buy mine for me, and I just got an email today that they shipped it!


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