Thursday, November 24, 2011

~Happy Thanksgiving~

I was going to do a more elaborate "Things I'm thankful for" post, but one of my friends is currently borrowing my hard drive so I guess that's out of the question.

Today I woke up and got ready to go with Matt to his aunt's house for food.
When we got there the food wasn't quite ready yet so everybody was playing Just Dance. I want that game so bad! I didn't bring my camera in so I don't really have any pictures but the food was so good!

While still in food coma, we went to my aunt's house and didn't really eat anything besides pumpkin pie.

I'm so thankful for my boyfriend, my dad, my wonderful friends that have stuck around for so long... my list also extends to silly stuff like the internet and whatnot.
Matt and I are planning on sitting outside of Best Buy so he can buy my christmas present (he doesn't think I know what it is but I totally do) so I should be snoozing right now, not to mention that I close at work tomorrow night. Did I mention that I'm also going to do my own shopping at around 5am?

Happy turkey day y'all!!

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