Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Milkbbi + new shoes!

A few posts back I had mentioned buying some Milkbbi items, they finally arrived in the mail along with some shoes I bought off of ebay!

I'm so in love with the art book! Justin Wallis' art is so colorful and inspiring... He has his own "style" with influences from Japanese culture and also '90s video games. The book came with a little cactus bookmark and a thank you card! I also ordered some buttons from him, the bigger the better! I like the eyeball one the most!
I wanted to pre-order the shirt but I'm not sure if I would wear it and it would kind of set me back... here's to hoping for more!

I bought some new platform shoes off of ebay. I'm pretty addicted to ebay, I can't resist a good deal... I got these for only $20!! At first I didn't enjoy the shoe laces but they add a lil' bit of a "tokyo bopper" look to the shoes... I still want to get some new ones though.
The shoes are pretty plastic, they squeak when I walk. They didn't ship in a box to reduce the shipping price, there were a few dents in the shoes but nothing too extreme. The heel height is almost 2.5" and for some reason I find these a little bit more difficult to walk in compared to my rocking horse shoes?
On one of the shoes you can clearly see what I'm guessing was hot glue? You can also see where the shoe and platform are wanted to come undone.

I haven't worn the shoes out yet because of the fact that they squeak and I don't have laces that I like but I guess we'll see what happens!


  1. omg, can you tell me the url to buy those shoes? *-*

    1. Unfortunately, I can't go that far back in my purchase history on ebay to find the link :( Sorry!
      They have TONS of other cute platforms on ebay though!