Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I wore today 11/25!

I didn't really walk away with too much for Black Friday. Matt was out in line at Best Buy getting my christmas present and as soon as he got home I got ready so we could leave for the mall. Last year I worked the morning shift so before clocking in I was able to do a little bit of shopping and I found some pretty good steals... this time not so much. I bought something for my brother at the Disney store, I went to so many stores; Cotton On, Wet Seal, Macy's, Love Culture, Shasa... I like to go into stores I don't usually shop at because on rare occasions you run into something good. I ended up just going to Forever 21 and buying a couple of items.

This top was one of the items that I bought! It's a cropped black velvet bustier~ My cardigan is also from Forever 21, while my pants are from American Apparel and my shoes are from Payless.

Sweetheart cuts on tops are a real weakness for me. Depending on the fabric and/or style of the person, it can come off as innocent or take a turn and be super sexy!


  1. followed you here from milkbbi's tumblr. i love the sweetheart cut top and i think you're one of 5 people in the world who can pull off those high waisted pants