Monday, February 6, 2012

2/4 WIWT/Mailbox post; Wishcandy & Nicki Minaj

Shrug: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Lolita Baby Angel

I did my taxes and was punched in the gut! I was supposed to be getting a lot more than I am... but because my parents have a lil' fund for my college that collects interest it deducted a lot from my tax return :( Boo!
I made a last minute decision to switch my grey cardigan for this knit cardigan/shrug, put on my tights, and wear my wig... all within 5 minutes before leaving for work! I guess it worked out because a lot of people liked my outfit.

Work was definitely a killer, we didn't get out until midnight!

Fast forward to today, I was greeted by a bunch of lovely packages in the mail!
My prints from wishcandy, a surprise art trade with one of my tumblr followers, and Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam lipstick!!
Read on for pictures of the art and my review of the lipstick!
Late last month I had mailed out a bunch of free art cards to some of my followers on tumblr! Lil' lady Barbara decided to send me some sweet art back! I figure it'd be a cool thing to keep up, so of course I'm going to mail her something back! Hopefully this can be a cool consistent art project between the two of us! Have I mentioned that she's absolutely gorgeous?!

Next is my package from the wonderful and amazing wishcandy! She was doing a pre-order sale and recently I've taken an extreme liking to her portraits so it was such perfect timing!
There was this cute lil' doodle on the back of the package~
The packaged prints were held together by this sticker.
These are some extra things that she threw in! A note that made me smile, a sticker, and an extra lil' print of her "Hunger" piece! So cool! (Sorry for the glare!)
"Prankster" print! The thing that really drew me to this drawing is definitely the color/shape of the hair combined with the stripes!
"Oh, babe!" print. Babe doesn't even describe how beautiful this one is!
I can't wait to find frames for these lovely ladies.

Into the world of makeup, here is MAC's Viva Glam Nicki lipstick! They had a promotion going on for those that were part of their mailing list; in the email there was a special code to use that would send you to the page to buy! Some time ago when MAC first came out with Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" lipstick, I was caught in the war of trying to load their website. The first night I had the lipstick in my shopping cart and in-between logging in and checking out, someone bought the last one!! The next day I fought with the rest of the barbz of the world and successfully bought the lipstick!
Since then, I can say I've totally fallen out of love with it. I hardly ever wear it anymore! I saw a few swatches for Viva Glam Nicki and I was on board!

MAC describes the color as a "bright yellow pink".

My lips by themselves are already pretty pink which makes it really hard for me to find the perfect pink lip!
I had put the lipstick on as soon as I got home from work which might be to blame for my sort of "eh" feeling towards it at first. Under my bathroom lighting, it looked more coral than anything! I proceeded to take the color off and gave my lips a good exfoliating, then came back and put it on. I've got to say, I liked it after that!
My lips don't really get along with MAC's satin lip formula... it tends to settle into the lines of my lips, much like Revlon's lip formula does. I'll admit, after exfoliating, the settling was a lot less noticeable but it still sort of bothers me.
I do love love love the pink color! It's incredibly opaque and definitely worth the purchase if you're a fan of Nicki or just want a nice pink lip while giving funds to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness.

While I am happy with this lipstick, I'm not all over it. My search for the perfect pink lip continues...

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