Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I wore today 2/12/2012

Tiger print bodysuit: Ebay (American Deadstock)
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless

Today I did a couple of errands. I went to Target and browsed the makeup. I saw a couple of nail polishes I wanted and I also wanted to try Elf's tinted moisturizer... but I resisted! I went in with the idea of only buying one thing, and I left with only buying one thing! I really wanted to buy an Icee or a little pizza too but I didn't do that either because I knew I was going to be eating dinner at a friend's house.

I went to Staples on the search for some cardstock. I've recently fallen in love with drawing on it! I love the way it absorbs my markers and I just really enjoy the feel of it. I didn't feel like spending $11+ on a pack of all white, so I bought an assorted color stack (100 pages) for about $8! I looked at a couple of printers because I'm thinking about making a few prints to sell, and I also looked at some drawing tablets that seem soooo cool! I really want a new one, but then again, I don't even use my old one because I'm trying to get more into traditional right now.
After that, I had planned to go to the bookstore to draw strangers but I didn't feel like driving the 10+ minutes, so I drove to a nearby Starbucks and planned to sit there. Too bad for me all the tables were taken! There was a lone table outside so I decided to sit there... before I could even get my stuff out, there was a flash rainfall and it was pouring hard rain within 10 seconds! I ran to my car and sat there eating a croissant and drinking my coffee. I eventually texted my friend Mariyah and went to meet her at her mom's house.
I got to her mom's house and her and her sister were watching youtube videos of tweens making fake braces? I didn't even know kids did that! Some poor girl actually super glued the stuff to her teeth! The food that Mariyah's mom made was definitely delicious~ :9 We sat around, tried to get Just Dance 3 from Redbox to no avail, then came back and took turns playing Bit.Trip Runner while eating pickle salt and talking about eyebrows.

Today I tried out L'Oreal's HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in the "Midnight Blue" shade. I've been wanting to try colored eyeliner for a long time and CVS had this for 50% off so I was game! At first I couldn't really tell that it was blue at all, but in some lights it really pops! Unfortunately, it isn't poppin' here. I found applying it, it was a bit clumpy? My eyeliner brush might be the blame for that though!
I never leave the house without some sort of lip product on and today I went with L'Oreal's Colour Riche lipstick in "Spiced Wine". I really do love this brand's lipsticks, so moisturizing! CVS had this color for %75 so I grabbed it. It's a nice berry red shade that doesn't quite fall under "natural" but doesn't cross the line to being too overwhelmingly red.
I've really been loving having somewhat lengthy hair! This is the longest its been for so long! I have a love/hate relationship with messy updos mainly because I don't really know what I'm doing. I watched a couple of youtube tutorials and this is what I ended up with.

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